Erin Patten - Creating the Life of Your Dreams

Creating the Life of Your Dreams

Women and Men want results and they want them fast..


I struggled for 5 years straight trying to leap to the next level.. Now I continue to shift and leap to the next level while continuing to stay true to my desires and vision in hyperspeed.


By doing this I’ve actually Aged BACKWARDS…


The only way you guarantee constant growth and constant shifts is if you do the work. There is no shortcut in life and if someone told you that, they lied. There were many nights I've cried, but I get to hold these emotions of having sad and happy moments in the same breath. Matter of fact when I stopped trying to avoid the pain and allowed it to be part of my story, that's when the shift happened and everything changed in my life.


I said in 2022 I was showing up in a more expansive way in my business. I know my mission is far bigger than I can comprehend. There is a fire that burns within me that continues to grow because I ACTIVATED and stepped into my soul mission. 

When rich people make decisions they understand that they can have both and with that being said... The wealthy individual has the option to have both. The career/dream business, raise a family and marry their dream soulmate partner they called in. But I will warn you that there is work that has to be done. It's not always about receiving because you can be the best receiver but can you hold the life you want?


You can't mindset your way into the life you want. It's a Soul Activation that needs to take place. Then while doing that we must increase our capacity to embody more. The capacity to hold more and the capacity to love yourself in an EXPANSIVE way.


Once these things become second nature it truly means you have embodied the human you came here to be. Remember we aren’t trying to achieve one goal.. We are creating the life of your dreams so it's a continuous journey of  Evolution over time. 

I want to see more women and men calling in the life they truly desire. This is not a destination, this is a soul journey. Are you ready to step into the life of your dreams? 2023 is right around the corner and I am wishing you so much success!


Amber is a third-generation entrepreneur with a background in engineering, healthcare, fashion retail, public relations and wellness. This allows her to help her clients by co-creating with them through a mind-body-soul transformative experience. 

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