Erin Patten - Two Years Later And I Am Still Going Strong

Two Years Later And I Am Still Going Strong

I almost turned my back on my Spiritual gifts because I was not ready to go all in with them two years ago.. When I quit my job December 31,2021 at 4:44pm.Yes I set the timer at that time because I knew if I had to push the button I might have chicken out.. But once that email went through it was game time and no turning back..

It takes a lot of guts to do what I did because this isn’t the first time I’ve jumped off the cliff..

Except those other times I was searching for my purpose and I was even in the midst of my intense healing journey..This time is different because I am very clear why I am here on earth..

My vision for my personal brand continues to expand and now I am being called to bring more of my gifts online..There is still so much more soul healing to do..

Two years ago I was sitting in the house and I decided I needed to make changes in my Business model..My brand needed to be revamped for what's to come…But really I needed to do more inner work..

I told my soon to be mentor.. That I’ve done so much Energy and emotional healing work that it's crazy.. The work is never ending and I continue to keep investing in myself year after year. This isn’t my first rodeo in business. Back then I was selling other people products and dreams and now I am mentoring, guiding and activating women to step into their full genius so they can impact and profit from their divine gifts.

Alot comes with stepping fully into your gifts..You need to walk with a sense of certainty and you need to activate your Fierce Feminine Divine Power that everyone benefits from when we stand in it..I came back to be a pillar on your journey to living the life of your dreams in this lifetime.

Are you ready to step fully into your gifts?


Amber is a third-generation entrepreneur with a background in engineering, healthcare, fashion retail, public relations and wellness. This allows her to help her clients by co-creating with them through a mind-body-soul transformative experience. 

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