Erin Patten

I am Erin Patten

Work and life are far more harmonious when you and your team are at peace.

My journey to the life-changing effects of metaphysics includes Harvard classrooms (Master’s in Business and in Public Policy), executive positions, and grieving the loss of my father and a friend at once.

Metaphysics invites
us to go beyond the 3D world

to activate the divine within us and bring
our full self everywhere we go.

It may sound slightly “woo woo,” and maybe a small bit is. Still, the practice leads to effective and efficient decision-making and resilient workforces. Most high-performing organizations experience dis-ease, according to research. This is when an organization and its leaders are underperforming, employees are burned out, and turnover is high.

That’s why I founded Erin Patten & Associates, where I serve as a metaphysical master who guides magnetic executives and managers in extinguishing organizational dis-ease by working through emotional and spiritual roots of conflict to find balance. We support CEOs and their teams in handling conflict with compassion and acceptance, rather than avoidance and fear. Though we embrace ancient metaphysical tools and concepts, we leverage leading-edge technology, thinking and practices. We give unapologetic feedback and strategic guidance to work through tough organizational conflict. We also aim to eliminate the micro and macro restraints that lead to organizational dis-ease.

Erin Patten

Harvard Business School, MBA / Harvard Kennedy School, MPP

I received the David M. Rubenstein and Bill George Fellowships. And earned the SAMBA award for having an exceptional impact on HBS and elevating the campus community.

Erin Patten MBA Degree

UT McCombs 2021 Distinguished
Alumni Commencement Speaker

I encouraged young graduates to thrive in the face of life’s adversities.

Erin Patten Alumni Commencement Speaker

Certified Yoga Instructor

I also am a meditation & visualization guide and sound bowl facilitator.

Erin Patten Certified Yoga Instructor

15+ years in Corporate
Leadership & Entrepreneurship

My career spans numerous industries including fashion and beauty retail, philanthropy and non-profit, along with leading-edge technology.

Erin Patten Leadership & Entrepreneurship

Focus on Inclusivity and Global Diversity

I have traveled to over 25 countries and worked in Latin America supporting entrepreneurs and high-growth businesses.

Erin Patten Focus on Inclusivity

Divine Motherhood

I’m a divine mother to a beautiful son, Harleaux Heru.

Erin Patten Divine Motherhood
Erin Patten Family
Erin Patten Dancing
Erin Patten Vocals
Erin Patten Yoga
Erin Patten Electric Cycling
Erin Patten Tai Chi

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