Erin Patten



The MetaBusiness World is the only management consultancy that integrates ancient metaphysical principles with leading edge strategy taking organizations and individuals to new levels of existence and experience.

During a time when global consciousness is evolving towards compassion, we recognize that organizations, too, suffer when individuals are feeling burned out, isolated or marginalized. This organizational dis-ease calls for divinely guided organizational healing.

When MetaBusiness World healers partner with organizations, we co-create an energetic boundary for safe space. We dig deep to find out what each individual is feeling to get to the truth behind the dis-ease. And we inspire transformation in everyone we meet through intuition and a keen eye for scientific application. This revolutionary method of metaphysical business consulting enables more aligned outcomes that lead to more harmonious cultures, streamlined operations and abundant revenue streams.

We do all of these things with compassion and most importantly—we keep it real.

We are passionate & driven

We believe in self-healing and its direct impact on the healing of others. Our practices and principles reflect our continuous commitment to the Sol growth of every individual and organization on Earth.

We utilize ancient & modern technology

We Integrate metaphysical concepts with the latest technological tools to make them simple, authentic, and REAL for your organization.

We are composed of innovative thinkers

Our team is a diverse mix of tenured executives, management consultants, design engineers, and metaphysical experts.

Our vision

Is to empower individuals and organizations by activating the energetic potential inherent in every being to create abundance and prosperity.

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