Erin Patten - How can Metaphysical Business help my organization?

How can Metaphysical Business help my organization?

The only management consultant that blends business and metaphysics for corporations or individuals who can sense organizational dis-ease, mostly in the US, during a time when global consciousness is evolving toward compassion. 

MetaBusiness This is everything for us. The source of our light. Erin straddles the line between the past and future because we are here and now.

We can claim both the credibility that accompanies the name “Harvard” and the spiritual source of metaphysics. The intersection of these supposedly opposite worlds is what makes us unique. 

High Level concept

When I work with corporate teams, I create an energetic boundary for safe space. You dig deep to find out what each person is feeling to get to the truth behind the dis-ease. You inspire transformation in everyone you meet through intuition and you have a keen eye for scientific application. You do all of these things with compassion and most importantly—you keep it real.

Erin Patten & Associates programs enables leaders and their teams to increase awareness and recognize how current mental models support or inhibit success.

  • Strengthen top & bottom integration - Mindful strategy is planned from the top-down and executed with eager willingness from the bottom up
  • Affirm employee identity - Leaders create high-performing teams by facilitating a sense of connection and a contribution mindset in each individual
  • Increase cross-cultural engagement - Celebrate diversity within organization by creating more conscious collisions
  • Shine light on hidden challenges - Uncover and address conflict that affect both people and the organization
  • Unlock productivity potential - By removing roadblocks, potential for productivity is limitless
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