Erin Patten - How to Step into Your Power & Align with Your Life’s True Purpose

How to Step into Your Power & Align with Your Life’s True Purpose

This article explores Erin’s personal narrative to innerstand how we can shift from a life governed by anxiety and fear to a life governed by power and focused intention

At this juncture in my life, it’s become abundantly clear that accessing what I want comes 100% from stepping into and activating my personal power. This is a 180-degree departure from how I lived most of my life – forcing my way through challenges, working excessively long hours, and burning out fast.

Like the rest of the world, I actually valued the “work hard, play harder” false narrative that was constantly being projected out to anyone who desired a successful life and career especially in fashion, business, and finance.

Having lived in NYC in the early 2000s when late nights out were just as much as a priority as Monday morning team meetings, I can easily say that forcing my way through life was a necessity, if not a requirement. There was never a single thought about replenishing myself, or taking care of myself. I don’t even think I knew the phrase “self-care” until I started my metaphysical practice.

With this go-getter at all costs mentally, I was surely headed to an early grave and I can honestly say I felt my Sol dimming and my being fading fast by the time I reached my late 20s. I was forcing my way through work days and fake friendships. And I especially forced myself in painful navigation through the joint masters degree program at Harvard’s Business School and Kennedy School of Government.

I wanted to be recognized. I wanted to be important. And even greater, I wanted to have an impact on the world. But I didn’t realize that I was sacrificing myself and my Sol in the Process.

It was not until my world came to a screeching halt after the unexpected passing of my father and best friend within a month’s time that I began to reconsider everything I Knew.

For the first time, I began to feel.

Granted the feelings were excruciatingly painful, I could no longer numb my self with substances, achievements or accolades. I was fully covered in the shit that was my life up until that point and I could feel and smell every bit of the muck.

I can now say, looking back, that the pain I experienced deep in the muck was simply the long-desired growing pains of my Sol. My Sol that had been neglected likely since birth in my busy little body constantly running from pain, running from confrontation, and running from responsibility. It wasn’t until I was forced to sit in this pain that my Sol finally received its overdue acknowledgment and recognition. My Sol deeply longed to connect back to me and communicate the great messages that my guides, ancestors and the almighty Divine Source had been seeking to share.

So, it was in this pain where I began to unlock my POWER.

My Sol thirsted for knowledge, wisdom and truth that was hidden from me until the perfect conjunction of time, place and condition. It was at this juncture, where I felt that I had no where and no one on earth to turn to in my grief. My mother was being hospitalized for attempting suicide and

my friends and extended family didn’t know how to nurture or support me. And the only other place for me to go was to GOD – the source of my Sol.

In this reconnecting time with GOD, I prioritized prayer, meditation, journaling, affirmations, spending time in nature, and nurturing my newborn son, Harleaux. For a while, I taught myself various metaphysical principles via esoteric and occult books, pamphlets and YouTube videos until the day a teacher in the flesh would appear. Eventually, teachers and mentors were drawn to me and in utilizing their own unique modalities, I was directly connected to my spirit guides, ancestors, and galactic lineage. My work with my these various guides accelerated my healing journey and Sol growth, which in turn, amplified my energetic power.

It is now with this power, that I move, respond, and exist.

Power enables us to move through life especially life’s challenges with strength. It is with great relief, today, that instead of forcing my way through tedious work days and drunken party nights, I now joyfully engage my work activities with gratitude and spend significantly less nights escaping my reality. I move with presence in all that I do, aware of the energy I bring to each interaction and every task. It is in the present moment where our greatest power exists and with intentional healing, we can all experience the power of NOW.

Power gives us the control to respond to life’s trials or unpredictable moments with a sound mind. There are countless times in my past where my forceful nature erupted in the most embarrassing or inappropriate ways. I had to learn the hard way that when our energy is misaligned or not properly checked, then we are bound to experience erratic moments that we later regret. Yet, as we grow in our power, it is these very moments where lessons are learned and transformation can happen. I mean how can we know what’s right if we never do wrong? By responding in power, we have a greater chance in times of challenge to radiate love, understanding, and optimism.

Power is where we truly exist. Nothing in our Sol, in our inner being desires to force its way through life. It is our truest nature to exist in our highest, divine power. And in this powerful existence, we are connected to our purpose, our passion, and our mission for this life. In my past, I forcefully worked hard daily in hopes that I would achieve some great status and wealth. Yet, that behavior left me unfulfilled, dare I say, empty. But now, I innerstand my true life’s purpose is to serve humanity, and in that service is how abundance will flow to me. So now I’m inspired to action daily in pursuit of my highest

vision of sharing MetaBusiness with 100 million people and organizations around the world.

With aligned power and clear vision, comes definite action.

Now, I no longer work or live in vain. Everything that I am and everything that I do is in complete alignment with my life’s mission and purpose. This is where we all can be when we step into our POWER.


Erin Patten is a metaphysical master in a millennial age. She is a highly sought-after master advisor to corporate executives, startup founders and their respective organizations. She founded the MetaBusiness World to guide magnetic leaders in extinguishing organizational dis-ease by working through emotional and spiritual roots of conflict to find balance.

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