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Imposter Syndrome

I often have Imposter Syndrome and downplay my achievements through saying I acquired them due to luck/coincidence. Do you have any advice for those with Imposter Syndrome as well as those who may prohibit themselves from pursuing their full potential due to their fear of rejection?

Imposter syndrome very simply is a misalignment with what you think you are and who you really are.

Who you really are is a being of conscious light that chose to come into this human experience to be challenged, feel the range of emotions that come through these challenging experiences and ultimately, complete your Sol’s purpose.

In your Sol’s journey, you have been led by or driven by your desires for realizing very significant achievements. And along the way, people have likely challenged the validity of your desires or even your ability to accomplish what you truly desire. It is in these experiences of judgment from others that we then turn the judgment on ourselves.

So when you actually do reach the pinnacle of achievement that you so desire, you don’t fully value all that you had to endure to get there because you fundamentally judge yourself as not being worthy of the achievement. 

This is when you begin to innerstand that the underlying issue with imposter syndrome is self-judgement.

Every being on this planet was created in love to experience love, joy, peace, and enlightenment. But somewhere along the way we lose that knowing and succumb to the criticisms of others and the criticisms of society. In time, these critical voices occupy our thoughts so much so that they create an ever present voice of criticism within — becoming and evolving into the “self-critic.”

The key to healing the imposter syndrome is to heal the self-critic. 

The self-critic was likely nurtured by numerous experiences of rejection, abandonment and abuse. Yet, these perceived experiences were created by you and for you — to serve your Sol’s growth and self-study. 

The healing comes in embracing the painful emotions that arise when faced with rejection because fundamentally those feelings are part of you. And you love you, right?! If so, ask yourself, why do I not like this feeling? What does this feeling bring up for me?

And take the time to listen.

It is in listening to our feelings and emotions where we find the most authentic and honest guidance. That guidance can’t come from anyone else, but you.

You must learn to trust that even in the face of rejection you are making progress towards your dreams and your Sol’s purpose. Learn to embrace the rejection as a gift from the universe protecting you from a path that is not designed for you. Learn to love the painful feelings that arise within when you find yourself in the depths of the rejection moment. 

It is my experience that when there is no pain, there is no gain. So listen to the emotionally pains of fear within you and learn to trust that those feelings are there to serve you. And take you further along the path you so deeply desire.

Remember — You are loved. You are held. You are safe.

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