Erin Patten - Making Decisions From Your Heart

Making Decisions From Your Heart

How often have you heard the phrase,

“Think with your head and not with your heart?”

Likely, too often to remember. . . exactly.

And this comes as no surprise in an age where we’ve prioritized our logic, analysis, or reason as the sole determinant from which we make life decisions. I mean, I even must admit that it’s hard to argue with hard data and compelling facts. Because I’ve frankly spent a lifetime learning how to use my head in academia, traditional “white collar” environments, and unsuccessfully in matters of love.

Le sigh.

It was these experiences, though, that inspired expansion of awareness. I was sick of feeling burned out. I was sick of feeling out of place. And I was sick of feeling undervalued. So then, transformation was in order. I journeyed instead to explore greater levels of consciousness that required me to exercise more than just my thinking mind. The journey to getting out of my head brought me into my body – feeling into my heart and even deeper into my gut.

Yassss. It is now with great confidence I can move in the direction of my purpose and calling. Which frankly makes the overall experience more pleasurable, more ooey gooey, and more fun! For real. I can now enjoy answering my emails. I can now enjoy some days with back-to-back meetings.

It feels more aligned.

So, in that feeling of alignment we move more directly, more efficiently and more intentionally toward our destiny. It is an infinite journey, nonetheless; so, we have to keep moving – forward or backward – it’s our choice.

Oh and the freedom to have choice is the very gift of having the human experience.

Free will takes us at each moment to the next step along our journey. The journey some days is rough, pain full, and annoying. Yet it is with our gift of choice that we choose higher experiences, choose to accept pain as lessons, and we choose to embrace our feelings as they are.

When we embrace who we are, then higher experiences follow … naturally.

This is why I encourage making decisions from your heart.

The energy of the heart is like a time keeper, aligning you to the divine timing of your Sol. As you settle deeper into the energy of your heart, you move more gracefully, you speak with unwavering authenticity, and you embody God, Source, Creator aspects.

From this space is where movement is impeccable.

Flawless is rarely a word we use in business. However, in MetaBusiness it is a description of being. Beyond excellence, moving impeccably calls us to listen to our Divine Will and leverage that power in making decisions, in engaging with the people around us, and in serving humanity.

The power of the heart in balance with the ego creates a synchronicity in execution. So, it is in this synchronicity where flawless living is experienced. Witnessing synchronicity in numbers. Catching familiar phrases as you want a TV show. Bumping into someone on the street you were just thinking about.

These seemingly coincidental experiences are instead signals of living in alignment, living in harmony, living flawlessly.

I love to have these affirmations in my day-to-day life.

They remind me of the direct connection I have to Source and they encourage me to keep moving in harmony with my heart. Moving in harmony is an existence free from anxiety of solely relying on the thinking mind to manage ALL that I have going on in my life. It gets me more into my powerful body and being so that I can connect more deeply to the activities of my life with presence and authenticity. Speaking when I need to express and receiving when it’s time to listen.

I can honestly say these activities are not always easy when there is emotional imbalance or unresolved tension in one’s experience. Listening becomes more challenging. Reaction comes more easily. Speaking can be ill-received because it’s coming from a place of pain rather than a place of pure intention. And these compounded experiences can create an illusion of all ways doing the right thing; yet, can leave you with an opposite feeling.

Eek. This feels disgusting. And that’s exactly where the groundwork is laid to build a beautiful transformation in being.

Transforming our being is a daily task. A moment to moment task… really.

So don’t get beside your Self if you feel progress is slow. Because you can find a new opportunity in your very next segment of life. Starting fresh. Starting over. And moving first from your heart.

- Master EL


Erin Patten is a metaphysical master in a millennial age. She is a highly sought-after master advisor to corporate executives, startup founders and their respective organizations. She founded the MetaBusiness World to guide magnetic leaders in extinguishing organizational dis-ease by working through emotional and spiritual roots of conflict to find balance.

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