Erin Patten - Shifting Consciousness for Your Greatest Fulfillment

Shifting Consciousness for Your Greatest Fulfillment

Time to wake TF up and see who you really are beyond the 9-5 and side hustle. Let’s explore how we go beyond the masking, code switching and doing what you gotta do just for the bag to achieve what you truly desire out of this life.

A little over a year ago, I participated in my first Tai Chi workshop with Body & Brain “Finding True Self,” where I was introduced not only to the pure, divine light I possess within, but also to the insightful “Map of Consciousness” by Dr. David Hawkins. It was from this map that I discovered that one enlightened individual could reach one million people – lifting consciousness with just the simple presence of their energetic being and doing!

This knowing and innerstanding struck me like a lightening bolt and gave me a whole new insight into how human beings can have impact in this seemingly vast world. I began to innerstand that my enlightenment and Sol journey is very important and critical, yet cultivating enlightenment and Sol growth for others is just as important to the evolution of the collective consciousness. Because at the end of the day, it’s a numbers game. And not numbers as we traditionally think of in business as dollars and cents. But numbers in the sense that when more people achieve enlightenment, then millions of others are impacted in a way that shifts the trajectory of the world in a POSITIVE WAY.

The current state of spirituality on Earth allows for the calling forth of any soul that is ready and willing to grow and rise in consciousness and vibration. This means that regardless of one’s status or stature in the world, they can tap into the divinity lying dormant within to transform into the god or goddess we all have the potential to be. 

I can offer this statement in truth because it has been documented and proven that human beings were created from more than just dirt. In our DNA lies the star coding that is waiting to be activated and utilized for good. And this activation comes from more than just reading books and lived experiences, this activation is a cosmic one and can only be accessed through intentional and persistent meditation. 

When we look at the nature of our current lives, we are bombarded with any and everything to keep us busy, which really just translates to being distracted and being continually set off-course. And with this kind of programming, how can we ever come to know who we are or why we came to earth at this time?

Well, that’s exactly the point.

While we’re busy in our virtual team meetings, endlessly scrolling on social media and ordering our next UberEats meal, then it is nearly impossible to connect with our true self, our divine nature, and ultimately, our conduit to a higher and more peace full existence. In this way, we remain trapped in the golden handcuffs that are our cushy jobs, our 30-year mortgages, and our private school tuition bills – a co-creation for us upwardly mobile folks to be bound by.

Yet, what kind of existence is this?!

It is one that was pre-coded and pre-designed for us to follow without question, without pushback and almost with acquiescence. A very subtle agreement with the powers that be that we will show up to work, play nice, and do what we’re told.

But where does that leave so many of us?

Well, for me, that looked like severe burnout, insecurity, people pleasing and aimless direction. I was constantly seeking the next opportunity for happiness outside of my self, the next validating achievement outside of my self, and love and appreciation from people outside of my self.

By in large, this is what the business world looks like family!

We are all striving for greatness, not even realizing that the greatness we seek lies deep, buried within. Underneath all the ego. Underneath all the unnecessary competition. And underneath the desire for more wealth, more achievement, and more attention.

This greatness can only be found in stillness.

The stillness that I speak of is not coming from the 5-6 hours of sleep you may get at night. This stillness is found in intentional and purpose full meditation. A practice that calls you to sit with your self. A practice that invites you to listen and see ALL of your thoughts. A practice that enables you to feel ALL of your emotions.

When we start to make a commitment to show up for our self, in truth and vulnerability, then unquestionably the shackles of masking and code switching for the “security” of the weekly paycheck and health insurance (and whatever other excuses we use to stay in an unhappy job) start to fall away. We then start to see ourselves and the predicaments we co-created as not our own. 

This moment is when we wake up.

I love to relish in this moment of sweet awakening. It’s a beautiful opportunity to exercise a gift only human beings were given on this earth – free will. Yes, the freedom to make our own choices and decisions about which way we will go in our lives. The freedom to know that I created the mess that I’m in, which also means I can devise a creative solution to get my self out of it. 

And it is in this problem solving where we begin to experience what I call Sol growth. 

Because so often we get stuck at the level of the problem. We find ourselves looking back at the mess we made and wallowing in self-pity, self-judgment and sadly, self-punishment. Many of us stay here willingly because we believe we’re deserving. A long life of high achieving in school and on the job often comes with a great drive and determination that is often fueled by this self-deprecating-like talk. Then we wonder why we’re stuck.

Unfortunately, this is the state that most of the world lives in – operating from a punitive, frightful and fearful place. I know and innerstand it too well because this level of consciousness also consumed my psyche for much of my life. I often share how I lived with so much guilt and shame for many experiences that were well beyond my control. And that left me in a vicious cycle of victim consciousness and low-vibratory existence.

Yet, this is the vibration of the collective.

So, any opportunity we have to creatively sit with ourselves, assess what we’ve been through and how to make it better is an opportunity for beautiful, powerful and fulfilling Sol growth. And it starts with just 15-minutes of meditation, or time to your self, a day. Generally, people associate meditation with sitting in the hills of the Himalayas for days or maybe even months contemplating life. 

But let’s be real…Ain’t nobody got time for that!

The average business professional is barely getting in a lunch break and quality time with family so we have to set reasonable and achievable expectations for ourselves. With that, finding 15-20 minutes a day to sit in calm silence, journal in a notebook how you’re feeling, or going for a leisure walk outside counts. 

We have to utilize the tools we have at our disposal to connect with the metaphysical world. And as you become more in tune with your self and more committed to your path, then more teachings will be revealed to support your growth. You’ll also find that as you grow, your life’s challenges become easier and easier to manage. 

Come on now! This is why we do the work.

Heaven on earth is our birthright. We weren’t meant to work ourselves to death, then experience paradise. That’s ass backwards! I hope you’ll come to know and innerstand that the opposite is our truth and it’s up to you to commit to conscious and continuous Sol growth in order to experience your heavenly nature now.


Erin Patten is a metaphysical master in a millennial age. She is a highly sought-after master advisor to corporate executives, startup founders and their respective organizations. She founded the MetaBusiness World to guide magnetic leaders in extinguishing organizational dis-ease by working through emotional and spiritual roots of conflict to find balance.

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