Erin Patten - What Does Wealth Mean To You?

What Does Wealth Mean To You?

In 2020, the business world faced a major disruption to its ecosystem. Companies were forced to shut down or scrambled to move their businesses online. In this effort to pivot in these trying times, many leaders and corporate structures found themselves exhausted. The old way of doing business and living the American dream is long gone and many are struggling to find their way.

Two years after this major disruption we find ourselves in the beginning stages of a recession. People are scrambling and their nervous systems are reliving 2020 over again. The lingering fear of the unknown to some and a new beginning for New Earth Leadership businesses like Metabusiness World have emerged. If you are new to this space. I would like to introduce myself. My name is Amber Williams and I am the COO of MetaBusiness World. It's an honor and privilege to walk next to some of the next rising magnetic business leaders. For the last twelve years, I’ve been on my own spiritual and healing journey. As someone who identifies as a New Earth Leader and Spiritual business entrepreneur. I had channeled and had many visions around the changes we are seeing now. This was a call for me to go deeper into my own calling to support the change happening in the world today.

In 2022, we stepped into a Universal Year 6 in numerology.Numerology links numbers to energy, which manifests as traits, and states of being in everyday life. The number 6 represents balance, home, health, karma, love, success, and service. This is the energy of instilling discipline, boundaries, and humanitarianism. We also experienced a change in our astrology North and South Nodes that turned to Taurus and Scorpio.  With  North Node in Taurus  now which is represented by the Bull in astrology. Which in turn the Stock Market is represented by the bull. We are in the midst of an awful year for Cryptocurrency and many other risky investments. We are now seeing the bottom start to fall out of a foundation around money and it's changing before our eyes. What does Wealth really mean to you? That has been a soul lesson I’ve been embarking on since 2014 when I became ill and  was fired from my own job in the banking industry. This was the year everything changed for me and I can truly say that everything makes sense now. I look forward to bringing you astrology, numerology, wealth , business forecasts on a monthly basis. But I leave you with the question “What does Wealth mean to you?”

Amber is a third-generation entrepreneur with a background in engineering, healthcare, fashion retail, public relations and wellness. This allows her to help her clients by co-creating with them through a mind-body-soul transformative experience. 

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