Erin Patten - What is organizational dis-ease?

What is organizational dis-ease?

In light of the many challenges that have shifted the ways in which organizations conduct business across the globe, we need to seriously prioritize time for deep reflection, adaptation and most importantly HEALING. 

It goes without saying that we have all suffered ill-effects from the global pandemic and to be completely honest, many of us were suffering well before the lockdown. It’s just that we chose to suppress or ignore those emotions and do what we learned how to do best – power through!

Those days are long gone and the desire to push through anything whether at work or at home is non-existent. Yet, our behaviors don’t shift that easily despite if we have the desire or not.

With that being said, leaders can be trapped by deeply rooted unproductive habits that develop into what I call organizational dis-ease.

Organizational dis-ease is a disorder of the structure or function in an organization, especially one that adversely affects its culture, productivity, or the overall bottom line.

There are many types of dis-eases that plague organizations today including:

  • Burn Out - a state of physical or emotional exhaustion that also involves a sense of reduced accomplishment and loss of personal identity
  • No Magic Pill - Diversity within organizations make it clear that everyone’s needs and desires are different and no one solution can fix everything
  • Boundaries are Broken - Work-from-home arrangements have created unforeseen pressures on families as the blending of work and home has no clear end-point
  • Loss of Control or Autonomy - We crave the ability to control the world around us and the reduced feeling of having a say in our life outcome further triggers us 
  • Uncertainty - Our lives are built on patterns we can count on. The absence of reliable patterns means it literally hurts when we’re not able to plan ahead.
  • Need for Connection to Others - Comforting hugs or the warmth of a friend’s touch are few and far between and the pain of isolation has been shown to be more debilitating to our health than smoking.

As we observe in the medical field, when we are confronted with the symptoms of organizational dis-ease, we then seek solutions to co-create organizational healing.

Organizational healing is fundamentally the basis for Metaphysical Business. As we start to uncover the roots and causes of the dis-ease, we are doing the real work of identifying the emotional and spiritual roots of conflict to find balance.

Our work is not easy and more importantly, it is intensely personal, yet healing at the individual and organizational levels is built on interpersonal and emotional growth. Only by means of co-creation do we find our flow, our purpose, and a leveling-up of consciousness that would otherwise be unattainable.

At Erin Patten & Associates, we guide CEOs, executives and their teams to a place where they are able to handle conflict with compassion and acceptance, rather than avoidance and fear.

We know that vibration precedes manifestation and that spiritual balance is the key. We exist to help these teams level up in consciousness, heal organizational dis-ease and thrive.

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