Breaking the Generational Lineage of Abuse for Life and Business With Elizabeth McCartney

The Soul Synergist Elizabeth McCartney shares how she was able to break her generational lineage of abuse in order to fulfill her divine purpose of helping other people heal through her unique guided modality of Synergistic Healing. She also shares how metaphysics and being “whole” can help you grow your spiritual, metaphysical and professional life.


  • How Elizabeth’s experiences of abuse from her father and ex-husband started her journey in channeling and connecting to the Divine Source and became a healer to the unhealed.
  • What is a telepathic energetic dialect and how does Elizabeth hear the Source as clearly as conversing with other people?
  • What is the difference between connecting directly to the Source versus tapping into an energetic line and the Akashic records?
  • How her childhood experiences guided her to seek out the comfort of nature and question the judgment of religious methodologies.
  • There is only one Source of all creation, whether you call it Allah, Buddha, Christ, Jehovah, or Shivah.
  • How her pivotal moment of separation from her ex-husband opened channels for her and everything came flooding in.
  • She also mentioned that there is no shame in telling your story of abuse and allowing yourself to be helped and healed, and how looking at your abusers as individuals will help you forgive them.
  • Why do we have to break the generational lineage of abuse and illness, and be whole?
  • What is Elizabeth’s approach to helping people heal from the lineage of abuse and letting them aware that there is no human being that did not suffer in some way, shape, or form?
  • How Elizabeth started her business journey or “divine endeavor” as a metaphysician or soul synergist, and how she sustains herself professionally, physically and financially.
  • Charlatans are everywhere. How do you know if a healer is a charlatan or if his/her guidance is true?
  • What do people need to give themselves in the process of healing in relation to timing?


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