Developing Your Gift of Intuition with Sarah Noble

What does it mean for you to be fully alive? For Sarah Noble, a mystic, spiritual teacher and transformational coach, a big part of being fully alive is developing a relationship with yourself and your intuition. Listen/watch how Sarah’s intuition led her on a beautiful spiritual journey, from being addicted to alcohol to becoming a spiritual guide who helps people to embrace their magic and live out the great mystery that is life.


  • How Sarah started walking her spiritual path and helping other people experience this beautiful journey as well.
  • How the traumas from her childhood upbringing led her to the path of addiction and trying to find who she really is from an external perspective. She didn’t like herself so she resulted in drinking and taking recreational drugs when she was in her 20s.
  • How her intuition guided her spiritual journey. After college, she followed her intuition and moved to different countries, got a job, got sober, started her family, and left her job to take care of her family.
  • How she realized that enough is enough and that God wasn't the punishing God that she learned as a child and ran away from.
  • How she started to listen to the voice inside her to leave the corporate space, prioritize being a mother to her children, and start a business using her gift of channeling.
  • When did she start doing Shamanic work and what does she do? She mentioned that the body, the soul, and the heart hold the wisdom, and our mind can sometimes lie to us.
  • How her life exponentially changed when she started working with the energetics of her body, working with practitioners, learning about energy medicine practices, doing meditation, and realizing that she is a multi-dimensional being.
  • How she eventually left her marriage to pursue her spiritual path and how she sees a Sacred Union as having both people devoted to their own personal development as spiritual beings.
  • Shame and guilt are gatekeepers of something deeper. Anxiety is like a guardian angel who rushes in to save you from the thing that actually is underneath. These emotions are yours but it’s not you.


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Reach out to Sarah Noble through her website at or Facebook and Instagram at The Modern Day Intuitive. She has a number of different programs that can help you on your journey to developing your intuition. Explore Your Magic is a self-study journey that allows the senses of the mind and the body to awaken to the magic of who you are. She also holds 1:1 sessions where you can go deep into your devotion to yourself.

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