Divine Union and New Earth Leadership with Jasmine Rose

In this episode, Jasmine Rose, a brilliant divine feminine leader and my mentor, talks about divine union relationships and embodying New Earth leadership. She deeply desired to heal the world with her partner but, instead, ended up in a very abusive relationship. When she finally developed the courage to leave, she found her divine union; and together, they now help people unlock their New Earth leadership gifts to support humanity in co-creating a New Earth that is full of abundance and harmony.


  • How I met Jasmine through my friend and business partner, Amber Williams when I was going through a very challenging time in my relationship.
  • How Jasmine Rose discovered her spiritual abilities and transformed them from being a burden into helping people become new Earth leaders.
  • How her experiences in elementary school affected her way of processing emotions and thought they were getting in the way of her success.
  • She continued mastery of her metaphysical journey by studying spirituality and getting certified in different healing modalities. She also became a health coach, trained in theta healing for subconscious reprogramming and Shamanic art to address personal and ancestral trauma, and unlocked some of her multi-dimensional lightworking skills.
  • What was the catalytic moment that made her decide to be a metaphysical leader? What was the breaking point that made her get out of the toxic relationship with her ex-boyfriend?
  • How she put herself back together after the traumatic experience with her ex-boyfriend and finally found her divine union, Max, through her spiritual visions. According to Jasmine, divine union relationships are the key to the future of mankind.
  • What is a divine union and how it can transform the world into a new paradigm?
  • How did Jasmine Rose start her healing business? How did they, as a couple, integrate their spiritual business journey, and combine the divine feminine and divine masculine components in their healing business?
  • What is New Earth leadership and what is the New Earth? Jasmine Rose mentioned that New Earth leaders are souls willing to serve the world through their interests in personal growth and evolution. They often undergo very traumatic experiences in life.
  • How can one become a New Earth leader? Meditate and go inward to get to know who you really are. Prayer always works. Accept where you are right now and honor yourself. Go into journaling and explore your soul.
  • How can Jasmine Rose and Max help you accelerate your divine feminine mastery and New Earth leadership journey?


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Much love and light,

Erin “Master EL” Patten


Jasmine is certified in 13 different healing modalities and trains new earth divine feminine leaders to psychically develop their feminine gifts in devotion to the purpose and direction of the true Divine Masculine consciousness. This is complimented with her advanced energy healing work and her special gifts of clearing ancestral karma and healing past life trauma that activates her client’s advanced lightworking codes.

Jasmine also coaches Men on 5D protocols for stepping into a Kingship path and becoming worthy of union with a Divine Feminine Goddess.

Jasmine has cultivated her abilities over countless lifetimes serving souls through the ascension process. These codes are necessary to accelerate your ascension timeline, lifting you out of the global war of annihilation on the planet right now, so that you can fulfill your Soul’s mission through sovereignty instead of codependency.

Jasmine carries the unscarred sacred feminine and working with her will prime the pathway for birthing a new Golden Age civilization in Humanity. Her mission is for every woman to merge with the true divine masculine and create their Divine Union in the physical world, enjoying the security of knowing their best friend, greatest supporter and King has their back.

Reach out to Jasmine at www.jasminekaisarose.com



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