Explore With an Open Mind With the Skeptic Metaphysicians

Will Rodriguez and Karen Endsley, the hosts of The Skeptic Metaphysicians Podcast, join us in this episode and share their journey in bringing light to the questions and woo-woos around the metaphysical world through their show. 


  • Karen’s and Will’s childhood and how their differences in points of view about the metaphysical world gave birth to The Skeptic Metaphysicians podcast.
  • How Will’s mother’s experience influenced him to dig deeper into knowing and creating his own spiritual identity. What one specific scenario made him believe and accept that there is something beyond the 3D world we’re living in.
  • How Karen has always known ever since she was a child about the metaphysical world.
  • How regular people like Will and Karen and their podcast guests make a transition to spiritual works. What were their professional lives prior to their spiritual exploration?
  • Why did Will and Karen build their podcast The Skeptic Metaphysicians and why they decided to continue doing it even when they wanted to quit?
  • What does a safe space on The Skeptic Metaphysicians podcast look like?
  • How has metaphysics impacted the work that they do and how they serve people?
  • Karen’s moment of play, fun and love, and how she remembered who she truly was.
  • How Karen and Will plan to expand their podcast into The Skeptic Metaphysicians travel show.

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