How to Integrate Human Design into Your Business With Amber Williams

My childhood friend who is now also a soul healer, Amber Williams, shares her own personal healing journey from childhood to becoming a healer, and how her beautiful upbringing helped her focus on what she can bring to this world and manifest into a design firm. She also shares how she discovered human design and integrated it into her design business to help clients live in a home full of harmony.


  • She is a 3rd-generation entrepreneur and a mother to a 17-year-old son. She’s also the CEO and founder of Circa81 Design, a full-service energetic design studio.
  • She’s a multi-dimensional spiritual teacher and mentor, a soul architect, and a healer. She’s also a designer and engineer, currently finishing up her Master’s in Engineering.
  • How young was she when she realized she was going to do something big? How did Circa 81 expand from being a retail store to a design firm?
  • Human design and the syntheses of astrology, kabbalah and I Ching, and being the energetic “Myers Briggs”.
  • How stepping deeper into her own healing work attracted more clients who want to be in her energy and learn from her.
  • Why is everyone not bound to be an entrepreneur?
  • The types of services people can get from Circa 81, from house design to human design to spiritual mentorship.
  • How traumatic experiences help people get to their inner work, peel back those layers, and tap into their divinity.
  • How Amber manifested working with spiritual mentors and Shamans.
  • Where does Amber see her journey coming?


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