How to Master Your Consciousness

In this episode, we focus on how to master your consciousness to create growth in your life. Switching from victim consciousness to master consciousness takes time, deliberate and intentional energy and effort, and patience.

If you’re spending so much of your life people-pleasing (just like me) and want to connect back to yourself and honor yourself, this episode is for you.


  • The hierarchical structure of doing something for someone else, whether you’re in the corporate or business space or even academic space, can create victim consciousness.
  • In Dr. Stephen Karpman’s Drama Triangle, there’s the victim, the villain, and the hero. All of them serve as a victim consciousness.
  • We, women, were taught to be nurturers, to be giving, to put ourselves less, and be the hero. What are we left with? No energy, no time for ourselves, and no opportunity to be in our full divinity and goddess energy.
  • The villain is the one blaming other people and making someone’s life hell because they, themselves, are in a hell state.
  • The victim feels like a round peg in a square hole and not being received.
  • Victim consciousness is a collective issue of always blaming other people and no one is taking responsibility for themselves.
  • The Empowerment Triangle by David Emerald, on the other hand, shifts us from being a victim to a creator, a villain to an encourager, and a hero to a coach.
  • Master consciousness or Christ consciousness is figuring out how you can transmute the bad energy to good energy and lift vibrations up. If we attract something that’s unpleasant, we can make a choice to roll with this vibration or lift your vibration and shift the energy.
  • We need to feel our emotions and what we’re going through but we don’t have to react. Tai Chi teaches us to come back to our zero point and figure out how we can encourage instead of blame.
  • “Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Going from hero to coach means you don’t just encourage but you also want to teach. As we teach, we grow; as we grow, others grow; and as others grow, we grow.
  • When you evolve backward, you move away from God. Evolution is about getting closer and closer to God. Embodying master consciousness is getting closer to God.
  • Money is not evil. It’s a tool for exchange and communication. It’s a language. What makes money evil is people’s use and control of it.
  • We are the new earth leaders who are able to utilize the technologies, tools, insights, and knowledge for the good, for co-creating heaven on earth, and for co-creating opportunities for everyone to experience wealth.
  • As we master our consciousness, we can connect deeper into realities. And, as we connect to these realities, we understand deeply who we are.


Be a master of your consciousness and understand the trajectory of your life path. This connects us directly to the Source and makes us experience abundance, wealth, and prosperity that we can share with our ancestors and star seeds.

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