Monetize Your Magic with Hanna Noel

In this episode with Hanna Noel, business alignment leader and host of “Untying the Knot, Just Like Magic” podcast, we talk about getting into your magic and back to who you truly are at the core to create a business that's sustainable and profitable. Because at the end of the day if you're not truly in alignment, your business is going to be much harder to sustain.


  • Hanna’s Christian upbringing in the desert of Arizona and how that shaped her childhood and early life experiences.
  • Learning about metaphysics through a manifestation course and connecting the truth in the practices back to stories in the Bible showing her that spirituality is not so different from Christianity in many ways.
  • Being a single mom and never been married with an 11-year old and the journey of experiencing a ton of stigma around at the church especially when pregnant as a teenager.
  • A traditional education journey that felt like a waste of energy, time and money and how she realized the experience was not serving her, so she dropped out to follow a higher calling.
  • Starting metaphysical training with breathwork that brought up so many good things then got into tapping and learning human design really deeply. The practices affirmed who she is and what she does quickly – maybe two or three months she had like a shift, and now it's just been this spiritual awakening journey.
  • How coaching is very much based on life experiences. So the things that Hanna’s gone through is what helps other people and she’s a firm believer that you only have to be one or two steps ahead of someone to teach them.
  • Coaching is a partnership where you bring out the best in each other especially for Hanna as a projector in human design.
  • Moving past limiting beliefs and so many deeply conditioned childhood wounds – parents divorcing, teenage pregnancy at small Christian school, then deciding to give child up for adoption – to operate and work from a place of flow.
  • How she brings people together via a Facebook group of women called Empowering New Women Entrepreneurs, so women who are new to business have a small but mighty Facebook group where they are able to support each other.
  • Knowing that you have everything that you need within you. And coaching is to help facilitate you in your journey to exploring all the answers in you.


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