My Journey from Harvard to Healing

What better way to debut The MetaBusiness Millennial than to share my own story of healing through my metaphysical journey? People are always surprised when I share with them what I’ve been through in my life. That’s why I want to share this with you as well so that you may be inspired, learn something, apply this to your life, grow, and ultimately thrive.

Knowing myself, trusting myself, and loving myself literally got me into healing and where I am right now. I know that every person has that calling from the Divine to be greater, do greater, and show up as their best self.


  • How I was born premature and was in an incubator by myself for two weeks. I came to this planet alone. My parents weren’t together. My father was with another woman and my mother was suffering from mental health issues.
  • I was the “renaissance” child. At a young age, I was in dance, I was in gymnastics, I was in beauty pageants, and I was playing piano and violin.
  • My sister was murdered and how the tragic incident impacted my family. I remember how my mother was screaming and melting on the kitchen floor.
  • My father was sent to federal prison due to a pharmaceutical prescription fraud issue in his doctor’s office.
  • How these situations forced me to grow up fast and carry the weight of the world on my shoulders at six years old, having to take care of myself and my mother. The healing wasn’t made easy for me, not really learning how to process very traumatic emotions and leaning toward the truth.
  • How I became a highly functioning traumatized being. I excelled in school with straight A’s, perfect attendance, running  track, performing with dance team and studying abroad.
  • My addiction started when I entered the University of Texas. I became a full-blown alcoholic with lots of partying, excessive drinkingand not honoring my self.. I became a consummate  people pleaser.
  • I entered the fashion industry in New York but had to quit my job when I experienced racism from my former manager. I was on a quest of being accepted by the world.
  • My first rejection moment: got denied by great schools. I was finally accepted at the Harvard Business School and Harvard Kennedy School of Government. Having this Harvard experience became very awakening  for me.
  • How my healing started when I started sharing my own story. I only talked about it when I was already in my late 20s during our leadership class at the Kennedy School.
  • How I escaped from a very traumatic and toxic relationship, and how the awakening happened to me.
  • How I explored the metaphysical aspects of Christianity, started questioning, and how my metaphysical journey began.
  • My father’s death and how I prepared for this catalytic awakening. This was the time when I felt indescribable pain.
  • How I dealt with a business dispute with my co-founder of DaO (defy all odds) hair care products.
  • My mother was suicidal. My best friend was murdered similar to how my sister was murdered.
  • I moved out of Detroit, shut myself off from the world, and met my son’s father but it didn’t work out. My son Harleaux was going through his journey as well.
  • How I started getting back to myself and healing myself from the past: reading books, practicing yoga, and doing affirmations.

I look at my story as an initiation that I had to go through energetically and metaphysically to test my willingness and strength, and how far I would go to honor myself, believe in myself, and love myself.

My experiences created this MetaBusiness being right in front of you. It’s in this tribulation and darkness that I started to see the light. And this is exactly what I’m calling you to do.

The MetaBusiness Millennial is about seeking your truth, going into the depths of darkness within and without, and trusting that you’ll be greater on the other side.

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