Navigating Spirituality, Sexual Identity and Business With Casper ter Kuile

In this episode, Casper ter Kuile, founder of The Nearness, celebrated author and podcaster, talks about how he navigates spirituality, sexual identity and business as he helps people connect with themselves and the world around them.


  • How I met Casper at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, became friends, and admired his journey to his truth and how he serves humanity.
  • Born and raised in England, Casper’s early years of education were more about creativity and play. He started experiencing the more traditional structured approach to learning at ten years old. In college, he studied history and sociology.
  • He got involved more in activism and mobilizing young people around climate change. With this, he also went through personal changes and experienced a political awakening.
  • After experiencing burnout from activism, he went to Harvard Kennedy School to pursue graduate studies but eventually fell in love and got married.
  • How Charlotte Miller mentored Casper and introduced him to meditation, metaphysical books, and opened space for spirituality to be a legitimate part of his life.
  • How Casper found the right people to help co-create his spiritual work, be a part of his team at Sacred Design Lab, and co-host the Harry Potter and the Sacred Text podcast.
  • How Casper has been integrating his spiritual journey with his business. According to him, the practice of covenant is the most important practice that works for his team to hold their relationship and mission together. How do they fulfill their covenant?
  • How did Casper navigate through his spirituality and sexual identity?
  • How do we reconcile individuality with collectiveness? For Casper, it’s trying to welcome people into small groups of spiritual accompaniment and friendship with no expectation that they’re going to believe and practice the same thing, but invest in the relationship with each other. He calls this project The Nearness.
  • Casper also mentioned Ilia Delio’s view of God’s evolution. As we are changing, so is God.
  • We also need to embody our feminine energy. Casper revealed his desire to  release his inner Drag Queen.


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Check out Casper’s projects:

The Nearness is a 6-week journey to nurture your spiritual life with a small group of people.

The Power of Ritual Book helps nourish your soul through sacred rituals.

Harry Potter and the Sacred Text podcast is for you if you’re interested in fiction.

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