Overcoming Our Desire for Control

As we go on our metaphysical journey, there are three things that we must overcome: 1) our desire for recognition; 2) our desire for security; and 3) our desire for control. And in this episode, we focus on understanding our insatiable desire for control and overcoming it.


  • Our desire to control our environment, the people around us, how things play out or the end result is sometimes a trauma response. Control is very common in traumatized environments where there is a lot of disruption.
  • Controlling our external environment is nearly impossible but the matrix we live in is based on mass control.
  • How I had an eating disorder when I was in high school after  my mother and my trainer had me on a really strict diet.
  • How being in a hyper controlled environment started to manifest bigger and bigger as I got older. When I finally became free and on my own, I had no control with my drinking and partying.
  • As we embrace our desire for control, it softens and comes into balance.
  • Trying to control so much of the world around us creates a dis-ease: losing hair or getting sores or losing weight, gaining weight, skin looking bad, and even cancer.
  • Watch yourself in your workplace or with your family, and ask yourself how you are showing up? Are you micromanaging? Are you grasping onto things?
  • I was in this overachieving mindset that I was controlling my mother with dementia and my son to the point where I had no energy for myself. If your energy is going outside of you, then you are constantly emptying yourself out, and that is not sustainable.
  • How can you start your healing journey? Start with baby steps. Read Bible plans, set daily intentions, read and repeat affirmations, reprogram your mind, sit with yourself and meditate.
  • “As above, so below. As within, so without.” Everything starts with the self. If we're not changing our ways, if we're not looking at who we are, then how can we expect our environment around us to shift?
  • Meditative movement is a beautiful way to start to activate that energy within you so you can have more awareness of who you are, where you're going, what you're controlling, what you're trying not to control, what you're trying to achieve, what you're not trying to achieve.


Embrace your desires and see how they play out in the world around us. Embrace all that you are to become all that you were destined to be.

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Much love and light,

Erin “Master EL” Patten


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