Play, Fun & Love as the Foundation for Metaphysical Business With Maximus Light

In this episode, Maximus Light, the Master of the Universe, talks about how his metaphysical business revolves around play, fun and love. For him, being a divine masculine means being a protector of the feminine and divine masculinity is essential for co-creation. That is why, together with his divine mate, Jasmine Rose, they mentor New Earth Leaders with harmonic consciousness for Co-Creating Heaven on Earth for business and everyday life.


  • How I met Maximus Light and became my mentor when I was feeling stuck and in a very tricky space in my romantic relationship.
  • How his childhood,  unique experiences that influenced his spiritual work, and how he found out that he is beyond an Ascended Master.
  • Max mentors New Earth Leaders with harmonic consciousness for co-creating heaven on earth. Together with his divine mate, Jasmine, they work with people who might have codes that need to be unlocked.
  • What was Max’s catalytic moment that transformed his life? How did he go through a classic ego death and get his name “Maximus Light”?
  • How he started doing all the mudras and found out that he had been incarnating in humanity for about 1800 years.
  • How sacred plant medicine unlocked information about his being leading to his spiritual awakening
  • The foundation of all of Max’s works is play, fun, and love. It’s very simple but actually very sacred.
  • What does divine masculinity mean and what it could potentially look like in business? The masculine is like a container; it is the protector of the feminine.
  • Why does Max teach women to evolve their own inner masculine first?
  • Max also talked a bit about formless martial arts and how the masculine and the feminine work and co-creation come together.

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Much love and light,

Erin “Master EL” Patten


Maximus Light is a Beyond Ascended Master. He is the best in the world at mentoring new earth leaders with harmonic consciousness for Co-Creating Heaven on Earth. Maximus offers an unprecedented opportunity on Earth, for the Accelerated Evolution of Souls.

In 2022, Maximus launched his global platform called “Erlandia: Your Journey to Paradise on Earth.”  Erlandia is a full-path ascension platform and is the most sophisticated and advanced Ascension platform in the world.

Begin your journey of Accelerated Evolution with Maximus and his Ascension team, learn about Erlandia, and apply for private mentorship at


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