Rituals that Cultivate Trust to Have What You Desire with Simone Arthur

When we learn how to trust and obey, blessings will follow. These are the key qualities and actions that will get you through any trying time. This was how Simone Arthur, a spiritualist, a medium, and an intuitive reader, was able to unlock her power of providing spiritual readings to people from all walks of life. She fought it at first because she didn’t want to leave her New Yorker life, but when she learned to connect with her Ancestors and follow their instructions, then came favors after favors.


  • How I met Simone through a Clubhouse group and how she was able to guide me and comfort me during one of the most traumatic experiences in my life.
  • How Simone started her spiritual journey in her late 20s and how she acquired the gift of being a medium.
  • She tried balancing her new spiritual discipline with the fabulous life that she wanted but it never worked. Everything started to fall apart.
  • When she said yes to the Spirit in September 2019, Readings by Simone was established. The pandemic came and her business skyrocketed from there.
  • She’s now hosting spiritual retreats called Sacred Conversations With Our Ancestors, a guided 3-day ancestral experience, honoring Ancestors held in Barbados.
  • She also offers a course called Spirituality and Your Ancestors aimed specifically at those individuals seeking guidance on starting their spiritual journey.
  • How Simone hit rock bottom and everybody was turning against her, and the Spirit told her to do spiritual readings for people and this is how she’d be paying her bills and debts off. This was when she started to trust and obey.
  • What are the spiritual wellness tools that can help you move in alignment with your passion and truth? Simone also mentioned the things that won’t help you move through the spaces to see exactly where you are.
  • You have to start from within. If you start on the outside to figure it all out and it looks tall, glossy and cute, the inside is rotten.
  • She talked about one of her experiences after taking an abundance bath. The next day, she passed T-Mobile and qualified for a tablet and got a 212 area code that can get her $10-15,000 when she put this up for auction.
  • Simone also described what her retreats in Barbados look like and how the Ancestors guided her in outlining the event.
  • She also mentioned the idea of manifestation and bringing things to fruition and what it really takes to get to where you want to be.


Trust and obey. Let's get up, do the work and move on.

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Reach out to Simone Arthur at simonereadings@gmail.com or through her website at www.readingsbysimone.com.

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