The Age of Knowing, the Age of Self, the Age of Sovereignty

When we hear “sovereignty”, we think of kingdoms, nations, and states but rarely do we think about it as it relates to the individuals or to the self. People always look for someone else to be the power holder, the leader, the guide, or the savior. However, we are now moving into the Aquarian Age, where it’s the age of knowing, the age of self, or the age of sovereignty. In this episode, we chat about sovereignty, an aspect of ourselves we know little about.



  • We are living in an age where the subtleties of control, dominance, and power are so minuscule that we often miss the times when our power is being taken away from us. It is time to stand up for ourselves.
  • Sovereignty means taking a stand and making moves without answering to anybody.
  • We are benevolent and agreeable beings. We are called to protect life, intelligence, and freedom.
  • When we look up to the ancient deities as greater than ourselves, we give away our power. They are great powerful beings but so are you.
  • Move from a position of victim and servitude to a position of a master, a sovereign being, and your own god/goddess.
  • We have been programmed to “follow the leader” but this cycle is ending. We are moving into an age where we are now our own leaders.
  • Yes, we can look to people who have been ahead of us and who can talk about their experiences, but at the end of the day, words don’t teach. You have to go through your own experiences and walk your own paths.
  • Wherever you are, wherever you sit and whatever you look like, your universal truth can be powered up and connected to Source’s highest good so that you, too, may inspire and lead others.
  • Sometimes, when we go on our sovereign path, we disconnect ourselves from the people of our past. Real growth and healing begins with yourself, that’s why distancing yourself from others helps in your journey.
  • The Map of Consciousness by Dr. David Hawkins shows that guilt and shame are at the bottom level and anger is significantly above them. So, if you respond in a moment with anger, you are operating at a higher frequency than you did before.
  • We are earth beings. Our energy is directly tied to the planet’s energy. So as we heal ourselves, we also heal the world.
  • It’s important that we move into sovereignty and really know who we are. As you start to call forth all your great and grand dreams and ideas, the people you need to co-create with to make these dreams and ideas manifest will show up for you. You have to have that sovereignty.
  • When you are in alignment with the Source, you show up for yourself. And you continue showing up for yourself by asking “who am I?”.
  • Ramana Maharshi is the yogic teacher who is known for popularizing this practice in modern times and is featured in the documentary “Who am I?”
  • Your intentions and why you do things have to be for you. When you put other people first, you start to give away your power and lose yourself. That’s called people-pleasing.
  • When you put yourself first, you can love yourself more and show up for yourself with more honesty, authenticity, energy, and power. It exponentially increases the power that you can give to the world.


I hope that you are inspired to move, to more intentional sovereignty, to more selfishness, to more self-centeredness because these are all aspects of our divinity, growth, and healing.

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Much love and light,

Erin "Master EL" Patten



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