The Business of Shamanic Healing

It’s time to hear some words of wisdom from this episode’s featured guest, Greg Boudy who is a Shamanic healer and uses energy as his way of healing and guiding souls. Greg shares how his traumatic experience in childhood became his source of strength and how he got into the healing business. He also shares what Shamanic healing means in the metaphysical space and how it can help people get back to their alignment.


  • How his parents’ separation became a significant event in his life and a catalyst for him to do his inner work.
  • How his interest in business started and at the same time he was attracted to anything spiritual and how his involvement in the gambling industry became the most prominent conflict within him.
  • What happened when he was 30 years old and how did his third eye awaken and his perception of life shift entirely?
  • Why do people who have that gap of feeling alone and disconnected from the source try to fill in the gap or escape the pain with alcohol, parties, substances, psychedelics, sex, shopping, and all that kinds of addictive patterns?
  • How Greg started his Shamanic way of healing through energy transmission, consciousness and vibration, and what it means in the metaphysical space.
  • What is the light language through sacred geometry? How can the combination of shapes and colors in the light grid help you manifest and be more aligned with who you are now?
  • What was the motivation that made Greg finally decide for complete transition from corporate life to the business of healing?
  • How did he make that big jump from having two clients per week to 15 or 20 per week? What aspect in his life did he work on?
  • The instant gratification of momentary achievements can never be enough. It's endless when you just look forward to results that will please your boss or your ego but would have no real meaning to your heart. Life has many possibilities for you to have the perfect job that would be the most rewarding for you at all levels: emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, and that would be very aligned with who you are.
  • Greg’s advice to people who feel like they need to please the job market, their boss, the management, or anything for their careers to progress. Twenty-eight days of this practice will help change your perception of life and yourself.
  • To be in the business world, the intention should be that you want to be yourself simply within that world and to let go of the belief that you have to fake it to make it.
  • Be in a space that you consider sacred when doing meditation. You don't want your room to be a mess because otherwise, you're probably going to be like the space. Remember that order brings clarity.
  • Why self-trust is the magic ingredient and how you can use your abilities for light work, especially in the business world.


By understanding, by going inward, you're growing your soul and your energetic capacity to be able to handle and hold space for all of those different energies around you, and then you become a living example in the workplace. Let me know what your takeaway is on this episode by sending me an email at or DM me on Instagram or LinkedIn.

If you want to feel Greg Boudy’s energy and experience his way of healing, visit his website at For inspiring posts about his journey, follow him on Instagram @greg_boudy_shaman and on Facebook.

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