The Cycles of Death and Rebirth

In this episode, we’re focusing on the cycles of death and rebirth. Everyone is going through a season of dying to their old self and re-emerging in a new way. When I first started my metaphysical practice, this was actually how I felt. My old self was dying and I was re-emerging into this new, powerful goddess. Right now, I’m entering this season where I embody my title as Master EL.


This cycle of death and rebirth continues over and over again as we align more deeply with ourselves, with what’s happening in the cosmos and here on this planet.


  • How I emerged in a space of strength, courage, and gratitude through the tough times.
  • How I reprogrammed how I talk to myself and about my experiences through the help of Tai Chi and yoga practices. They introduced me to the embodiment and divine love for myself.
  • When we are anxious and going through struggling times, we hold our breath. Yoga teaches us how to breathe from the sacral chakra.
  • “Words don’t teach.” — Abraham Hicks
  • We have to have the experience and embodiment of what we’re going through to really feel through it. Recognize these experiences as part of our journey, our lessons, and our education.
  • It took me a few months after my Tai Chi practices that I felt I was un-hating myself.
  • When we experience outward emotions, it starts from within. So when we are feeling hatred toward someone, it originates with us first.
  • My death and rebirth cycle started when that feeling of hate and judgment for myself was gone and now I’m feeling such wholeness, love, and honoring of myself.
  • It takes self-awareness to be able to go through the cycle of death and rebirth.
  • Anger and pride are pretty close to the tipping point of courage. Going through the feelings of apathy, guilt, and shame to anger is growth.
  • Embrace your fear and nurture yourself in these moments. At the end of the day, tell yourself how you love yourself and what you’re doing, how you’re feeling, and how your expansion is making you take those risks.
  • Know that as you remember yourself and delve deeper into yourself, you are evolving, you are growing and you are more deeply loving and being yourself.
  • Be like the butterfly that keeps on growing, eating, and dodging the predators. Like in life, keep on dodging these negative energies and focusing on the day you’ll transform into a butterfly.

Murphy’s Law says that energy never dies. It can neither be created nor destroyed. We are energetic beings who can never be destroyed. The cycle will always continue.

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