The Metabusiness Millenial

In this day and age, business is more than just turning higher profits for shareholders. Business reflects our ideals. Business aligns with our values. And ultimately, business is an expression of our life paths and purposes.

It is time we now honor all that we are in the organizations we serve — body, mind and soul. We are both physical and metaphysical in the work that we do and these metaphysical or “unseen” aspects of ourselves matter in the day-to-day decision making processes of business leaders around the globe.

The MetaBusiness Millennial unpacks the hidden truths of business by tapping in to the life experiences of people’s failures and traumas to engage the healing that is necessary for true growth and success.

Your host, Erin Patten, metaphysical master in a millennial age, brings you inspirational, life-changing stories and strategies that heal organizational dis-ease and transform business trajectories so that they experience exponential growth and impact.

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